Clear and protective – the HARTMANN main icon set is based on the characteristics found in the corporate typeface Panton.


Clear, reduced forms convey a sense of clarity. The rounded edges as well as rounded caps adds a human touch and support communicating at eye-level. Generally, the radius is applied to only one side of a line. You have sharp edges on the inside and rounded on the outside.

The icons are numbered for easy navigation. Have a look at the overviews to find the right file name of the searched icon.

A collage of illustrations, such as an umbrella or a laptop, that illustrate the HARTMANN Iconography.

Icon size

The main icons are available in two different file formats. AI-formats for print and SVG-formats for digital usages.

A square form is the basis for all icons. Within a square of 160 px the line of the icon would be 8 px. It should be noted that the icons within an application should always have same size and line width.

The minimum size of the icons is defined by the line width.

A collage of illustrations, such as an umbrella or a computer, that illustrate the correct sizes of HARTMANN icons.

Icon color

The primary color for icons in print applications is HARTMANN Dark Blue.

When demonstrating an exact emotion like warning, inactivity and etc., icons can have different colors based on the HARTMANN primary and secondary color palettes.

A collage of illustrations in different colors, that illustrate how to choose the correct icon color.

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