The Plus in POS

Learn how to integrate the Plus into your product display to attract customers and encourage them to buy the HARTMANN products in physical locations.

POS excellence made easy with our 3 guiding principles.

Colored squares in the HARTMANN colors Bright Blue, Dark Blue and Cyan.
1. Blue
The use of the HARTMANN primary colors Bright Blue and Dark Blue in combination with Cyan ensures a strong brand presence.
Photo of a woman washing her hands, inserted in the Plus shape.
2. Emotional
Insert the visual into the Plus – and make it as big as possible.
Illustration of a POS window layout for Sterilium.
3. Easy to understand
Direct messaging: a prominent headline delivers our tenet of “outcome first”.

From demand to solution – with message management in 3 simple steps

1. See me

IMPACTFUL FROM A DISTANCE Fast and easy recognition of the products and their endorser HARTMANN

2. Choose me

PRODUCT MESSAGE Benefit-driven product presentation

3. Buy me


Design guidelines

Illustration of a cyan-colored shelf strip for three Sterilium products.

Use of color

1. Use HARTMANN Cyan as the background color for any Plus-related content.

2. Use HARTMANN Bright Blue for larger parts that are not directly connected to the Plus visuals and for parts that contain the logo.

3. The typography should always be in HARTMANN Dark Blue or white.

Use of the Plus in POS

Photo of a woman washing her hands, inserted in the Plus shape.
The Plus serves as a stage for images, as large as possible.
Representation of the Plus as a Dark Blue cross.
Image element
Filled with HARTMANN Dark Blue or Cyan if it contains any text.
Representation of the Plus as an outlined and filled design element, and as bullet points in a list.
Design element
  • As an outline or filled form
  • Listing benefits: use the Plus shape for bullet points


Enlarge images as much as possible, always placed within the campaign Plus. Their role is to support the campaign and convey additional product information on an emotional level.

Illustration of a blue ellipse with the HARTMANN logo.

Logo and ellipse (S or M)

The logo must be used on the ellipse whenever possible and should not be covered or disrupted by other campaign elements. If there is very limited space, the logo can also be placed on a larger asset element in Bright Blue.

At POS we use the logo without the claim.

More about the HARTMANN ellipse

Illustration of a red circular eye-catcher, a red NEW, and a white TO GO eye-catcher.

Eye-catchers at POS

  • Use the circular eye-catcher in HARTMANN Red or Yellow if the layout contains another NEW eye-catcher.
  • NEW eye-catchers are always used in HARTMANN Red.

More about eye-catchers

Messaging guidelines

Illustration of a POS display in Plus design for the product Sterilium.

Guidelines within the Plus platform

  1. Image: If possible, use the campaign look for the entire asset and remember: See me – Choose me – Buy me
  2. Form: There is a higher visibility with extras, e.g., 3D, cut-outs, etc. Make sure the asset is appealing from all sides.
  3. Sender: Clearly indicate who is talking, ensuring the sender is prominently visible.

Examples of POS designs

Window applications

Illustration of a window application in Plus design for the product Sterilium.

Display for 3 products

Illustration of a display for three Sterilium products in Plus design.

Display counter

Illustration of a display counter in Plus design for the product Sterilium.


Illustration of a wobbler in Plus design for the product Sterilium.

Shelf stripe for 3 products

Illustration of a shelf stripe for three products in Plus design for the product Sterilium.

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