Corporate typefaces – clarity and reliability

Our new choices of typefaces help us to communicate with ease and clarity, while also offering good legibility and technical robustness.

Brand typefaces

Panton and Roboto

With its clear, organic form Panton is ideal for all headlines and highlight texts. Its refined, yet approachable design adds a human element while communicating at eye-level.
Thanks to its degree of readability both in print and digital, Roboto is used in all regular copies. Its pure and straightforward form conveys both credibility and reliability.
Visualization of the Panton typeface.
Panton is used for headlines and sublines and for quotes
Visualization of the Roboto typeface.
Roboto is used for all body copy, image captions and page numbers

Product typefaces

Packaging design, instruction for use (IFU), and texts in other languages like Hebrew or Arabic – please use Myriad font in all font styles for all legal copy that appears on packaging and product design.
Visualization of the Myriad typeface.


Myriad is freely available and also included in the Adobe Fonts Collection (Creative Suite Subscription). Please contact the HARTMANN Packaging & Artwork Team for further information on how to use the font.

Office communication and fallback font

For email programs and office communication (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) use Calibri. As a fallback option, Calibri is the chosen typeface whenever Panton or Roboto cannot be used because of technical requirements.
Visualization of the Calibri typeface.


Calibri is a system font designed by Microsoft who also provide licensing information.

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