Tone of voice

Our communication is crisp, clear and blends compassion with clinical, operational business and patient outcome.

We speak in a way that everyone understands

Helping, caring and protecting are both rational and emotional. Expertise, commitment, reliability, hope and joy all come together to form one message. That’s why our tone of voice reflects all these human elements. We are dedicated experts but communicate in a way that everyone understands with a combination of professionalism and down-to-earth warmth. This blend of both worlds reflects our values of human-centric, smart and outcome-driven results.

Outcome-focused in every way

Whenever possible, we prove the performance of our products and solutions. When a specific benefit is mentioned, it should be backed up with the corresponding data. This optimally demonstrates our outcome-focused approach while providing convincing arguments to choose HARTMANN every time.
Example of the correct tone and voice for copy in HARTMANN publications.
This bulletpoint is outcome and fact driven. It describes a fact with scientific proof that adds real value for the customer.
Example of the wrong tone and voice for copy in HARTMANN publications.
This bulletpoint "promises" a good solution. But it gives no proof by delivering suitable facts and does not create a real value for the customer.

Guidelines for gender-neutral communication

For HARTMANN, the principles of equal rights, equal opportunities and protection against discrimination are important. They are to be anchored not only in our daily work but also in our language. Therefore, we need to ensure gender neutrality in our communication.

Download guidelines for English here

Download guidelines for German here

Important: Please also ensure gender-neutral wording in other languages. Please observe local guidelines.

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