Animated typography

The use of animated typography creates an accessible and readable overall image. Animated typography adds value and can support the message. In conjunction with the other principles and templates regarding moving images, this creates a consistent look and feel across video, web, and apps.

Brand-specific animations

For the use of typography in clips or films, you can download motion curves here. This ensures that the same type of motion is always used for overlapping typo animations (title, belly band, subtitle).
Motion curves with the Flow plugin in After Effects
Animation using the HARTMANN motion curve

HARTMANN templates for title, lower third, and subtitle

Use our templates to always be 'on brand' in any moving image application.


Video titles are left-aligned and have a format-specific distance to the outer frame.
Title on a dark background, real image 16:9 full HD
Title on a light background, real image 16:9 full HD
Title on a light background, illustrative image 16:9 full HD

Lower third

Using a motion design Lower Third improves visual communication and presents information in an effective and accessible manner.


Subtitles ensure barrier-free access, which should be used when necessary.

Download templates

We provide After Effects templates for download for all three types.

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