Two blue flags with HARTMANN lettering and the HARTMANN slogan "Helps. Cares. Protects." Two blue flags with HARTMANN lettering and the HARTMANN slogan "Helps. Cares. Protects."
Mission & Brand

Helping, caring and protecting

Our brand story

200 years of medical expertise. 200 years of experience in care. 200 years of trust. For more than two centuries, we have strived to deliver the best outcomes for our customers, healthcare professionals, patients and their caregivers through comprehensive services and high-quality products. Our brand identity reflects this attitude across all communication channels, bringing together provable facts with the emotional content of a humanistic approach.

HARTMANN: Help, care and protection since 1818

The HARTMANN GROUP began its commitment to care in 1818 when industrial pioneer Ludwig von Hartmann acquired the Meebold spinning mill. His son, Paul Hartmann Sr. later founded the Paul Hartmann Bleaching Company, which revolutionized wound care. However, our founding fathers were more than just industrial pioneers. They also instilled a drive, optimism, and commitment to help, care and protect that is still as strong today as it was back then.

Our logo – an elegant evolution

Graphically, our new logo is firmly anchored in the design of its predecessor with changes made to highlight a sense of of purity, freshness and brand recognition.
Blue HARTMANN logo (blue ellipse with white "HARTMANN" lettering) on white background
Blue HARTMANN logo (blue ellipse with white "HARTMANN" lettering) on dark blue background.


The HARTMANN logo has undergone considerable changes over its long history.
Old HARTMANN logo from 1906: a white cross in a red circle.
Old HARTMANN logo from 1920: a red “H” on a white and blue background.
Old HARTMANN logo from 1938: white lettering "HARTMANN hilft heilen" on a blue background.
Old HARTMANN logo from 1968: white lettering "HARTMANN" on blue background
Old HARTMANN logo from 2008: white lettering "HARTMANN" on blue background with additional slogan "hilft heilen".
Old HARTMANN logo from 2015: white lettering "HARTMANN" on blue background with additional slogan "Gesundheit ist unser Antrieb".

Our manifesto

The HARTMANN manifesto has been carefully crafted to precisely describe who we are and what we stand for.

It touches on our heritage while looking to the future of HARTMANN and how we can actively shape it. It has been specially designed to be relevant to both professionals and consumers and its sentiment should remain at the heart of everything we do going forward.
A happy elderly couple taking a trip into nature.
From little accidents to feeling good despite incontinence.
A father covering his son's graze with a plaster.
From small paper cuts to post-op wound healing.
A young woman in a mask disinfecting her hands.
From preventing a simple infection to fighting a global pandemic.
"You can rest assured. We are there, when it matters. Trust and expertise are what make us unique."

We are devoted to delivering smart and outcome focused solutions.

No matter who our customers are and where they are: They can rely on HARTMANN.
A young woman looking confidently at a graphic.
High Performance
Our ambition is to outperform our competition.
Three team members sit in a circle and discuss.
Customer Oriented
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.
A video conference with several team members.
Passionate Team
We work as one strong team.

The Plus

Core design element

HARTMANN is in a unique position. As the market leader in professional medical care, we strive to make our expert quality accessible to everyone. This marks the focal point of our communicative approach.

The power of the HARTMANN cross is unlocked and transformed into the HARTMANN Plus, which is used as a core design element in corporate design.

The Plus

Our consistent “endorser”

Our core task: finding a balance between HARTMANN and its products and infusing all our communication with this new element. Unify, simplify, strengthen products and strengthen endorsement.

Illustration of a nurse in conversation. The Plus sign serves as a mask for this photo.

Our framework

Our brand framework sits at the core of our company strategy and is based on audience and competitor insights. It explains who we are, what we aspire to do, and what makes us different from everyone else in the marketplace. We use it to make consistent brand decisions. Whenever you start a project ask yourself, how you will deliver in regards to the following three coordinates?
A graphic that depicts HARTMANN's vision.

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